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Impacts of Low Unemployment Report


The Stratford-Bruce Peninsula Economic Region (covering Bruce, Grey, Huron, and Perth counties) has consistently experienced a low unemployment rate for the past 10+ years. The purpose of this report is to clarify what an unemployment rate represents and to how it impacts local employers and various stakeholders within our region.

As a Labour Market Planning Board, we have access to labour force data from federal, provincial, and economic regions that provide details about the unemployment rate itself and how it’s calculated. We will explain how this data is relevant to understanding the unemployment rate and why employers and local stakeholder groups are finding it hard to recruit and retain workers.

In addition to using data to outline our labour market picture, we are adding the voices of several employers and stakeholder groups. Their firsthand experiences, challenges, and innovative solutions to a tight labour market offer a deeper understanding of what our community is experiencing.

Attached Full Report in PDF Version

Impacts of Low Unemployment 2023 FINAL
Download PDF • 1.96MB

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